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What's Bill Talking About?

General Colin Powell endorses President Obama

General Powell is pretty firm in his opposition to Gov. Romney. Offering his endorsement for President Obama.

“Put white back in white house” TShirt at Romney event

There was a big uproar over a shirt that said “Once you go black you never go back” at an Obama rally. Now this shirt shows up at a Romney event.

GOP Candidate jokes about sending Obama “back to Kenya”

I know it was a joke but the racial tone of these candidates is completely unacceptable. Tommy Thompson “jokes” at GOP fundraiser.

Florida Passes racially based education goals?

Should the race of the student determine expectations? Florida education goals have sparked controversy because they set lower benchmarks for certain ethnic groups.

Repubs criticize VP Biden for laughing during debate

Was Joe Biden shocked by Paul Ryan lies or condescending? A new ad questions the VP after debate?